Monday, May 18, 2009

Bridal Registry Emergency!

What do you do when your beloved china pattern gets retired a few months before your wedding? Yes, that's right! I received the crushing news from my mother today that my Marc Jacobs for Waterford Misia has been retired and stores will have difficulty fulfilling the demand for it. So now I am frustrated and am back to the drawing board!

Waterford Misia at Macy's

Here are few of the replacements that I considering. It's hard because it's like comparing apples to oranges -- they are so different and are at all different price points. Your opinions, suggestions and moral support has been requested!

Raynaud Helloise

Waterford Signet Platinum

Mottahedah Cornflower Garland


JStig said...

Awh that's so frustrating! I like any of your replacements. My other suggestion - what if you took any giftcards you've already received and just go ahead and buy up the rest of the pattern yourself? Then it will be even more special because they won't make it anymore? Dunno, just a thought.

Louise said...

I like the all white. But then again, patterned china makes me dizzy when I eat. Weird, or what?

valerie said...

Ga-ross. My vote: Raynaud Helloise

bridechic said...

Does anyone out there like mixing patterns? Some of the comboos you get can be truly awesome . ..